USPS Text Tracking

USPS Text Tracking is a device by which clients can notify the status of their parcel. Standard Message and Data Rates may appeal. There are several ways that customers can appeal to Text Tracking:

USPS Text Tracking Phone Number

  • Send the content of the message as a text to 28777 (2USPS) with your USPS tracking number.
  • The latest tracking information for the item will be the text reply from USPS
  • With your tracking number and keyword send a text to 28777 (2USPS).
  • Keywords tell a piece of specific information which you want to know from USPS, in such a way delivery has been attempted.
  • See more on keywords under the heading at How do you use keywords?

USPS Text Tracking From the web site

You may register to receive Text Tracking on a tracking number basis, after tracking a package from the USPS Tracking on the particular USPS tracking web site. You may register to receive Text Tracking on a tracking number premise. You may select one of the following Text Tracking Options on below web sites:1)Expected Delivery Updates 2)Day of Delivery Updates 3)Package Delivered 4)Delivery Exception Updates 5)Available for Pickup.


USPS Text Tracking Number

USPS Text Tracking code

USPS Text Tracking Free

USPS Text Tracking 28777

USPS Text Tracking cost

USPS Text Tracking replay

USPS Text Tracking charges

USPS Text Tracking Not working

USPS Text Tracking Sign up

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