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USPS is a public mail service in the United States. United states postal service started zip codes to avoid the time lag and confusion about the address of shipment.USPS has been started using ZIP codes since 1963 to efficiently provide the postal services throughout all states of United States. ZIP code stands for Zone Improvement Plan code. It was started to deliver the emails easily and efficiently. Senders can provide the USPS ZIP code on the US Postal Service Tracking parcel. USPS  Zip codes h the lp postal department to be determined the address written on USPS package very easily.

In the United States, ZIP code contains five digits along with 4 digits increase. The last 4 digit of USPS ZIP code expresses or represents a more specific location within the ZIP Code area. To know sender zip code many services are available in USPS to know delivery USPS Location ZIP Code your ZIP Code such as Find a ZIP Code, Look Up a ZIP Code and USPS Locations.

USPS ZIP Codes Types:

Four different types of USPS ZIP Codes. See Below:

  • Unique ZIP Codes: Location that gets a large number of mails like Universities, businesses, agencies, Organizations etc. do have unique ZIP codes.
  • O. Box Only ZIP Codes: There are specified to the P.O. Boxes at a particular convenience for a specific purpose.
  • Standard ZIP Codes: All other normal locations ZIP Codes comes under Standard ZIP Codes.
  • Military ZIP Codes: These Military ZIP Codes are used by United Stated Military to track the mails safely and quickly.

USPS Mail Sorting (or) Sorting of USPS Mails

All the mails are which contain same 3 digits in the starting will be delivered to a sec facility. Based on the last two digits sec facility sorts and distributes the mails to local post offices. ZIP+4 code is assigned to a block in the city or to a group of apartments or an individual business person who is a high-volume receiver. Each P.O. Box number corresponds to a unique ZIP+4 code. Some ZIP+4 codes do have several P.O. Box numbers under it which can be identified using last digits of P.O. Box number.

ZIP Codes – Match codes to US States, Countries and Cities:

In United states ZIP Codes are mainly used for quick delivery of shipments and Identification of the exact location of US Postal Service. ZIP Codes usually assigned within an area of the US state. In world ZIP Codes that are usually assigned to a specific county, time zone, state, metro area, area code etc., introduces complexity.

USPS uses the main post office name as a city instead of an actual city name.

Finding USPS Zip Code of an area:

To Find the ZIP Code of a particular location in U.S. Follow below procedure:

  • Open this link –
  • Enter the following details like Company name, Street Address, Apt/ Other which are optional, City and State which are mandatory to provide in details form.
  • Click on Find button and Wait.
  • It will give you the ZIP Code of particular location as mentioned in the address.

United States Zip Codes(All States) – used by USPS:

  • Alaska ZIP Code: 99501 – 99950
  • Arkansas ZIP Code: 71601-72959
  • Alabama ZIP Code: 35004 – 36925
  • Arizona ZIP Code: 85001-86556
  • Virginia ZIP Code: 20101-24658
  • Utah ZIP Code: 84001-84791
  • Virgin Islands ZIP Code: 00801-00850
  • Washington ZIP Code: 98001-99403
  • Vermont ZIP Code: 05001-05907
  • Austin Zip Code: 78745-78769
  • Brooklyn Zip Code: 11201-11425
  • Boston Zip Code: 02169-02269
  • Cincinnati ZIP Code: 45211-45280
  • Colorado ZIP Code: 80001-81658
  • District of Columbia ZIP Code: 20001-56999
  • Connecticut ZIP Code: 06001-06928
  • Delaware ZIP Code: 19701-19980
  • California ZIP Code: 90001-96162
  • Chicago Zip Code: 60629-60691
  • Charlotte Zip Code: 28269-28299
  • Florida ZIP Code: 32003 -34997
  • Denver ZIP Code: 80219-80250
  • Federated States of Micronesia ZIP Code: 96941-96944
  • Guam ZIP Code: 96910-96931
  • Georgia ZIP Code: 30002-39901
  • Hawaii ZIP Code: 96701-96898
  • Iowa ZIP Code: 50001-52809
  • Idaho ZIP Code: 83201-83877
  • Houston Zip Code: 77036-77296
  • Illinois ZIP Code: 60001-62999
  • Kansas ZIP Code: 66002-67954
  • Maine ZIP Code: 03901-04992
  • Maryland ZIP Code: 20588-21930
  • Marshall Islands ZIP Code: 96960
  • Miami Zip Code: 33125-33299
  • Milwaukee Zip Code: 53215-53244
  • Michigan ZIP Code: 48001-49971
  • Indiana ZIP Code: 46001-47997
  • Kentucky ZIP Code: 40003-42788
  • Long beach Zip Code: 90755-90806
  • Las vegas Zip Code: 11201-11425
  • London Zip Code: 40741 -40745
  • Massachusetts ZIP Code: 01001-05544
  • Louisiana ZIP Code: 70001-71497
  • Manhattan Zip Code: 10463-10282
  • Minnesota ZIP Code: 55001-56763
  • Missouri ZIP Code: 63001-65899
  • Northern Mariana Islands ZIP Code: 96950-96951
  • Nashville ZIP Codes: 37201-37244
  • Mississippi ZIP Code: 38601-39776
  • Montana ZIP Code: 59001-59937
  • New Mexico ZIP Code: 87001-88439
  • New Jersey ZIP Code: 07001-08989
  • Nevada ZIP Code: 88901-89883
  • New York ZIP Code: 00501-14925
  • Oklahoma ZIP Code: 73001-73079
  • Ohio ZIP Code: 43001-45999
  • Oregon ZIP Code: 97001-97920
  • Orlando Zip Code: 02169-02269
  • Pittsburgh Zip Code: 15213-15274
  • Pennsylvania ZIP Code: 15001-19640
  • Puerto Rico ZIP Code: 00601-00988
  • Phoenix Zip Code: 85032-85082
  • Palau ZIP Code: 96939
  • Rhode Island ZIP Code: 02801-02940
  • South Carolina ZIP Code: 29001-29945
  • Salt Lake City ZIP Code: 84116-84171
  • South Dakota ZIP Code: 57001-57799
  • Tennessee ZIP Code: 37010-38589
  • North Dakota ZIP Code: 58001-58856
  • North Carolina ZIP Code: 27006-28909
  • Nebraska ZIP Code: 68001-69367
  • New Hampshire ZIP Code: 03031-03897
  • Tampa Zip Code: 33647-33694
  • Texas ZIP Code: 73301-88595
  • Wyoming ZIP Code: 82001-83414
  • West Virginia ZIP Code: 24701-26886
  • Wisconsin ZIP Code: 53001-54990

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