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USPS Hold Mail Tracking service is designed primarily for the customers who are either not at home for a couple of days or on holiday. This service provides a safe and comfortable feature for USPS Customers. USPS Hold Mail service is the best option to be chosen when a customer feels that he/she might not be at home. At the time when the package arrives at their house or workplace.

Process to opt USPS Hold Mail Service:

To acquire the USPS Mail Hold service, the customer needs to enter a name, address, email address, phone number and click on “Check Availability” button. To check if Hold Mail service is available through online or not for your location.

In the case of the option is not available to have opted online, you can choose one of the following ways to opt for US Post Office Hold Mail or Stop Mail service nearest one.At any time customers can acquire Hold Mail service or Stop mail service using the following link directly https :// holdmail link up of website.

If in case of opting for US Post Office Hold Mail or Stop Mail service then follow instructions

Submit a filled PS Form 8076 ( http :// fleshes/ ps8076. pdf) and authorization to the Hold Mail at your nearer Post Office facility. If still have any doubts Call USPS customer care number on 1-800 -ASK-USPS( 1-800-275-8777 ).

USPS service worker assists you and clarifies all your incredulities viewing Hold Mail service. Yes, it is very safe and secure reliable as the mail will be held at your local USPS office or nearest post office until you come back from vacation or work. No need to take risk of expecting the USPS service person to deliver the package to your neighbors or lineage, Simply ask or request to” Stop my bringing “.

Hold Mail USPS Tracking Benefits:

  • It is very safe as the mail will be held in your local USPS office until you come back to home from vacation.
  • The customer doesn’t need to take risk of asking the USPS service person to deliver the package to your next-door-neighbor, Simply just request “Stop my delivery”.
  • Mail will not be accumulated in Mailbox in customer’s absence.
  • Then customer’s absence will not be revealed through Mailbox it’s very safe.
  • No extra charge will be collected to store your package in US post office until completion of your vacation.

Confirmation Number for USPS Mail Stop:

Once the customer fills the request form and submits for Hold Mail service online, a confirmation number will be generated on the screen. Which intimates that the Hold Mail request is submitted successfully. So make a copy of this confirmation number for future needs.

USPS Hold Mail Hold Time- extend time:

Every customer needs to know about the time period for which the USPS Hold Mail will be held by USPS. Hold Mail can be held by USPS for a minimum of three days and a maximum of 30 days as per situations. If the mail needs to be held for more than 30 days in duration. The customer has to contact their local USPS Post office directly. Also, customers can opt to extend the time for USPS Mail Hold service by using the customer reference number online option.

USPS Personal Mail- Business Mail:

The procedure of USPS customers to request USPS to hold a mail is very easy. The price of Hold Mail begins at $46.45. At this price, the mail will be held by USPS for one month. To get this service, the customer has to visit the USPS website and request for the service online as mentioned starting lines. The customer has to submit identity proof and submits Hold request so that the mail will be held by USPS.

Prices for Business customers and government as Starting prices at $74.45. At this price, the mail will be held by USPS for one month without extra charge. To opt for this service, the customer has to download the form from online and take it to nearest USPS post office directly. Also, the customer has to carry an identity proof to the post office and complete the form at the post office.

Tracking Hold Mail service:

USPS Hold Mail tracking service allows you to track your Hold Mail simply like other regular emails. It helps you to track your shipment in different ways. The customer can track the Hold Mail through following ways like online or by calling on USPS customer care number or by visiting the nearest or local post office or by email.

  • USPS hold mail Online @

1. Go to  USPS official website.

2. Now go to Hold mail service and enter Tracking number provided to you.

3. Click on  Track your shipment.

  • USPS hold mail Post Office:

1. Visit nearest or local USPS Post Office.

2. Fill a correct form for Hold Mail and submit the form to” Hold my mail” and tracking figure to the postal persons and they will let you know the status of your shipment.

  • USPS hold mail mobile @ USPS 

8777. Call USPS Postal Customer Care service on 800-275-8777.

8778. Provide tracking number.

8779. you can Request to track your Mail.

  • USPS hold mail by Email :

1. Send an Email to USPS official forward address to hold mail.

2. Status of your shipment will be provided very soon in reply to that forward also.

US Post Office Hold Mail Tracking Format – USPS Mail service:

Here are the formats for different USPS Mail services:

USPS Hold Mail Contact number:

The customer can contact USPS customer care to know any details or to file a complaint. The automated information in USPS is provided 24*7. The customer can call on 1-877-876-2455 at working hours from 8 am to 4:30 pm in all time zones and reach their appropriate postal service.

For mail service problems, the call will be connected to 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777). USPS is worked from Monday to Friday 8 am to 8:30 pm ET and on Saturdays 8 am to 6 pm ET. Every Sunday holiday and on USPS Holidays i.e public holidays. USPS Hold Mail is very safe service for USPS customers.

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