USPS Customer Service Numbers and Working Hours

In United postal Service will provide it’s service to customers through USPS Customer care Number. United States Post Office is a postal service supplying authority in the United States. It provides postal services throughout the world for US citizens.

USPS is also known as U.S Mail, Post Office or Postal services, etc. USPS Tracking has been offering its services to the people of United States for many years and is a well-known company in offering good and trustworthy works.

USPS Customer care Number


USPS Customer Care Number @

USPS is a government agency which is authorized by United States Constitution. Countless postmasters are working for this agency to date and time. Benjamin Franklin was the first postmaster general who was appointed in this postal authority in the US. USPS Post Office Department was first established in 1792 and later it was reconstructed into U.S. Postal services(USPS) in 1971.

USPS Customer Support and Contact Number:

USPS Customer services are used by numerous small businesses to big businesses in united states. It offers most honest, dependable and quality services to its clients. National and Premier Account clients can also make use of the USPS services and support.

USPS applies for either mailing work or send work to extradite the shipments or packages to the customers in time. USPS also provides an alert device to customers. If any postal equipment work disruptions come, it sends alerts to the customers regarding, and business mailers about the condition related issues followed and about other natural disasters.

Small-time business people can make use of the website to know if their forward is being delivered according to USPS locations and if their united states post office has opened or not due to natural disasters.

What is USPS Customer Service Numbers ?

Below is the important information to contact USPS:

  • Number to contact USPS Customer Care      1-800-275-8777 (1-800-ASK-USPS)
  • To contact USPS Tracking Customer Care, Toll-Free Number       1-800-222-1811
  • To contact Facilities Access and Shipment Tracking (FAST)             877-569-6614
  • To contact USPS Facilities Access and Shipment Tracking (FAST) Email      [email protected]
  • To contact Mail Tracking & Reporting      (800) 238-3150
  • To contact USPS Confirm              [email protected]
  • To contact USPS Entry Information Email               [email protected]
  • To contact USPS Parcel Select Ground Performance        (877) 264-9693
  • To contact USPS Postal One Customer Care         (800) 522-9085
  • To Email contact USPS Postal One Care Email  [email protected]
  • To contact USPS Stamp Now 1-800-STAMP-24    ( 800-782-6724 )
  • To contact USPS Stamp Now Email           [email protected]

Customer assistance:

Customers who are using USPS services can make use of the USPS customer care service. Customer care administrations can check the issues on your package such as issues in receiving USPS postal services. Customer care desk representative respond all your questions and doubts in no time. Customers can make a call to the USPS customer service desk for any queries through USPS customer service chat.

Customers can call the USPS customer care service table on specified days i.e working days and at a specified period of time i.e working hours by USPS Priority Mail Express International Tracking.United States Postal Service has a customer service team that works in pre-determined time. The USPS customer care service number is  1-800-275-8777( 1-800 -ASK-USPS ).

Technical Support of USPS:

USPS tracking technical support: The technical support team helps the customers if the specific issues occur in the web entrance or portal of USPS. Customers can immediately make a call to the USPS business customer desk in these cases to get out of those issues. USPS Technical support contact number is 1-800-344-7779 to contact the team directly.

Hours of operations:

Monday to Friday 8 AM to 8: 30 PM ET

Saturday 8 AM to 6 PM ET

USPS Tracking working hours: Customers can also see the official website of USPS to resolve their queries. The official website of USPS is Customers can also call customer care for any technical support under theUSPS customer service if required only.

Track and confirm customer service @USPS

Customers can also make use of the track and confirm services for better safety. The purchaser can call to the no 1-800-222-1811 to implement this service.

On calling this number, the customer has to provide the details of their shipment to USPS customer service number.Then USPS Tracking team track and conform team checks the delivery status and let you know the status.

If you want any other service, the customer can ask to order shipping supplying or other services and then track and confirm.

The customer has to enter the label number through a keypad or Over voice the order. If the label contains both symbols and figures, the customer has to say each letter and number one at a time. Then the customer can get the road of the shipment.

The following information helps fully to get technical assistance from US postal service customer service number and Customer live person. It helps related to the business programs accessible through the Website of National Accounts and Premier.

Business e-Services Network Service  @ www USPS com

Business Network Service( BSN) electronic service is a Web art program that allows clients of National Premier Account to enter and monitor the service applications online. In addition to contacting a representative by telephone, clients can check the service applications online 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

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