How to Calculate USPS Shipping & Postage Rates/Prices

USPS Postage Calculator: USPS Rates

USPS is known as United stares postal srvice,USPS calculator or USPS Postage Calculator is use full for USPS Postage Price Calculator. Customers can utilize USPS postage price calculator tool to calculate the rates of USPS Postal shipments at any time. To get the estimated USPS Postage Price of USPS Shipping calculator , the customer has to enter the details such as’ To’ and’ From’ ZIP Codes, package size(dimensions), preferred services(types of service), etc.



USPS Domestic and International Postage Price Calculator

Here we have given information regarding he process to determine the cost of shipping for USPS International packages and domestic packages. Customers has to enter To’ and’ From’ ZIP Codes, package size etc. details so that the estimated postal shipment price will be displayed on screen. Follow the below procedure:

1. Go through this link  https :// /

2. Select the destination country location.

3.Fill the ZIP Code which you are mailing “From”.

4. Enter the ZIP Code which you are mailing “To”.

5. Enter the date and month on which you are ready to mail the shipment.

6. Enter other mail details such as

  1.           Whether mail contains Live Animals.
  2.           USPS mail contain Old Poultry or not
  3.           Whether mail contains Hazardous Materials.
  4.           Any Ground Transportation required.

7. Select the USPS Postage service as per requirement.

8. The estimated price to carry the mail is displayed on your screen.

USPS Shipping Calculator:

USPS has provided an option to Business Customers also to calculate the cost of shipping for their shipments. The customer has to enter few details to get the estimated cost.

1. Visit this link –

2. Go to Postcard / Letter / Flat / Parcel based on your item.

3. Then select postcard types such as First class or PMOD.

4. Enter the details related to the mail.

5. The Business shipping price for the shipment will be calculated and displayed on your screen.

USPS Mail – Shipping Rate Calculator:

USPS Priority Mail service normally delivers the packages and parcels in 1-3 days of working. Shipping rate depends on Shipping distance, item weight, rate tier (Retail / Online Rate and ShippingEasy Rate).

For the Priority Mail service, if you purchase the label at USPS Retails Location, then Customer must pay Postal Office Price. Any Priority Mail and other USPS shipping services have discounted rates which are called Commercial Base Pricing. Commercial Plus Pricing is for the customers who get the Bulk amount of shipments. Those customers negotiate shipping rates with US Postal Service or they sign up for Shipping Easy’s Paid Plans.

USPS Flat service is available at very cheap rates on shipping.

USPS International Shipping Calculator:

Every customer checks the estimated shipping cost before shipping the package or parcel. Most of the customers look for low and best shipping prices. If a postal service does not offer low-cost shipping service and does not state the shipping rates during the early checkout process, they may lose 75% of their regular customers.

USPS offers best and economical shipping price by using USPS Flat Rate service. USPS provides shipping calculator feature on the USPS Tracking website. This brings more customers towards USPS Tracking Service.

Calculate USPS Shipping Cost  & Savings:

USPS gives discounts on the packages that weigh up to 5 pounds. But USPS acts a limit on the destination, Item weight and on the box customer use to ship the package. The customer must use USPS branded box.

Customers can ship the packages weigh up to 20 pounds in theirs own branded boxes using USPS Flat rate service with low prices and speed delivery. Customers can use USPS shipping calculator to get the estimated cost and savings that can obtain during shipment.

Forecast USPS Shipping Price:

Forecast Shipping Cost is on market due to high usage by USPS Customers. It helps USPS customers to forecast their shipment cost well ahead of shipping the package. USPS Flat Rate Select service gives best shipping prices.

USPS Shipping Rate Discounts for USPS packages:

Shippo gives an interface to connect e-commerce stores and USPS stores with shipping providers in US and USPS shipping providers who are in Germany, France, Canada, and the UK. Utmost of the Shippo customers gets a benefit. This API provides access to USPS API. USPS API uses to calculate shipping rates, create and print shipping labels.

Flat rate Select provides excellent shipping USPS rates for Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail. Aforementioned service is available for the USPS customers who ship more than 150,000 packages per month only. USPS provides discounts to attract big companies. USPS Postage Calculator benefits in forecasting the cost of USPS shipping to customers.

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